Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair – A Total Saviour Hairstyle Guide for You

easy hairstyles for long hair

Struggling with bad hair days? Or don’t know what hairstyle to create for a wedding or a formal event? Then keep reading to find easy hairstyles for long hair.

We all have had bad hair days at least once in our lives. Waking up to no time to comb your hair because you have to reach your destination in a jiffy. We hate wrestling with your hair, don’t we?

So don’t sweat it! We are here with crazy-fast easy hairstyles for long hair to save your time. Create any of our styles, and you will be at your door within minutes.

So let the fun begin!


Do you have long and luscious hair? But don’t have time to style them?

Then, there are various quick can easy hairstyles that you can create – and one of them is hair updo aka hair bun.

So if you are lacking some hair inspiration, then you are about to discover the best hair bun style for almost any event.

Now, scroll further to get ideas for easy hairstyles for long hair at home.

1. Twisted Bun

For formal occasions, a twisted bun is an easy yet chic hair up-do. You can make it perfect by twisting your hair looser or tighter.

If you want a more polished look for outdoor summer weddings, then you can make gorgeous twists of various strands of hair.

2. Low Rolled Bun

Formal events demand a polished hairstyle, so we are here with another up-do. Most of the guests spend more than a hundred bucks at the hairdressers, but you can save your time and budget by creating a low-rolled bun at your home.

3. Half Bun

Want to tie your hair into a bun but also want to keep it open for a casual occasion? Then, create a half bun for a pretty yet lazy-girl look. This hairstyle looks best for messy and thick waves.

4. The Modern Messy Bun

You need very little effort to wear an off-duty messy bun. Creating this chic hairstyle will make your knotted hair look instantly polished.

5. Retro Fishtail Updo

Are you running late for a formal party or a wedding? Then we have the right remedy just right here.

A retro fishtail updo is a perfect go-to style that will fit perfectly with your long dresses. Plus, it will look chic as hell.

So get ready to grab some eyeballs.

For any sort of event, these cute hair bun styles are sure to draw attention wherever you go.


Long hair is so versatile, right? You can pretty much do all sorts of experiments and styles for any occasion.

So if you don’t have any ponytail style inspiration, wondering what to do with your long hair, or looking for a quick hairdo, then we have put together a list of the best hairstyles for long hair.

Enjoy your reading!

1. The Slicked Back Pony

Have you ever wondered why everybody else’s pony looks like a fancy updo pronto, but yours look like you are going for a sprint?

Fret not, ‘cause we’ve got you covered!

You have unlocked the secret so style your hair in a slicked-back ponytail for good.

2. The Braided Ponytail

Want to give a new personality to your basic pulled-back pony?

Then try this bubble ponytail, also called a no-nonsense braided ponytail. It may seem like an old French hairstyle, but watch out for this one.

Even a simple tweak can make a big impact on things!

3. Rope Twisted Ponytail

Do you hate it when your ponytail gets floppy and lies on your head limply instead of bouncing with the wind? Well, we hate it too!

Then try this rope-twisted ponytail and let your hair dance with exuberance. Many times, people opt for a regular or a braided ponytail, don’t do that!

Instead, create this style and get compliments from the people.

4. Bandana Wrap

Want to look chic and cute at the same time? Then try this hippie-like hairstyle.

For this hairdo, all you need is a bandana and some techniques to make it stand out more. When you are going for this look, it is essential to first understand what look you want.

If you love old Hollywood movies, you can take some ideas from Elizabeth Taylor. She folds the scarf and ties it like a headband.

Chic and pretty? That’s what we are talking about!

You can take any ordinary scarf or silk scarf, and tie it around your ponytail and become the center of attraction.

5. Sleek Vixen Hair

A sleek vixen hair ponytail is classy and a flawless hairdo. We all love it but don’t like to go to the hairstylist.

So why not bring this hairstyle home?

Yes, you can now follow easy guides and tutorials to get that amazing hairdo. We are sure that this sleek vixen ponytail will make you look like a true princess.

We ain’t exaggerating!

Master these five most tried ponytail styles and create your look book!

5 Quick and Easy Open Hairstyles for Long Hair

There are endless hairstyles if you want to keep your hair-free. If you are scouring the internet for ways to jazz up your look, then we have sought out the five best easy hairstyles for long hair.

Here goes a healthy dose of your hair inspiration!

1. The Braided Headband

Want a fairy-like hairstyle but also want to keep your hair open? Then this hairstyle is perfect for you!

Try this natural braided headband and keep your crack hair bangs or locks in place.

2. The Bobby Pin Style

When you don’t know how to style your hair, put some bling bobby pin in your open hair. This hairdo never goes out of style!

If you have fine thin hair and don’t want your hair to fall flat on your face, then you can use some styled bobby pins to keep your hair in place.

It’s your savior! And trust us, this type of pin won’t prick ya! *wink wink*

3. Beach Waves

Feeling lazy? Then try the beach waves hairstyle and thrill everyone with your new voluminous kinky curls for any evening event.

Someone may even fall head over heels for you in just one glance. You never know!

4. Flower Braid

Try this flower braid hairstyle, which has a detailed back but a simple front for a wedding look.

5. Heart Shaped Hair Accent Style

Are you going on a romantic dinner date or a picnic date with your partner? Then, boy, we do have the right hairstyle for you.

You can make your lover fall in love with you once again by creating this heart-shaped accent hairstyle. Plus, this is the hairstyle everyone will love because of its oh-so-cuteness as well as subtleness.

We are sure this hairdo will have your partner taking a double-take.


And that is how you do it, friends! Try any of our easy hairstyles for long hair and get multiple compliments. But before trying these hairdos for any event, make sure to try and practice them at home to save your precious time. We hope that you found the right hairstyle inspiration that you were searching for in this list. If any of these hairstyles worked for you, then share this read with your girl gang who are in need.

Good Luck!

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