Choosing To Move to Dubai? Here Are the Visa Categories You Can Apply For

Dubai Visa Categories

Dubai Offers Unparalleled Levels Of Job Opportunities For Anyone Who Is Interested In Taking Their Career To The Next Level. The Country Also Understands The Need For Its Working Residents To Stay In Physical Touch With Their Spouses, Kids, And Parents. For Those Needs, One Can Expect To Find A Variety Of Visas And Each Option Is Applicable For UAE Visa Renewal.

Maybe You’re Considering Dubai As Your Next Destination For Just A Vacation And Not Employment. For That Too, There Are Convenient Visa Categories For Those Holiday Trips You’re Planning. Whatever It Is You’ve Got Planned For Your Future, Whether It Is Work Or Leisure, Having An In-Depth Knowledge Of The Different Types Of Visas Will Be Helpful To You In Your Endeavors.

Tourist Visa

Perfect For Vacation Plans And Sampling Dubai And All It Has To Offer; Tourist Visas Offer The Option Of A Short-Term Stay To Anybody Who Wishes To Visit.

The Visa Comes In 2 Options: 30 Or 90 Days, Single Or Multiple Entries.

Usually, Tourist Visas Can Be Booked Through Travel Agencies, Hotels, Or Airline Companies. Be Sure To Do Your Research And Remember, UAE Embassies Do Not Give Out These Visas And Need To Be Acquired Through Other Channels Like The Three Options Mentioned Above.

If You’re Still Considering Dubai As A Place For Your Long-Term Future, You Can Take On A Tourist Visa Before You Apply For A Residence Visa In Dubai.

Transit Visa

This Category Of Visa Is Used For Passengers Traveling Through Dubai For Reasons Of A Stopover Before Another Destination.

Transit Visas Come In Two Durations: 48 Or 96 Hours. They’re Different From Tourist And Residence Visas As They Can Only Be Booked By Airline Companies.

The 48-Hour Transit Visa Is Free And The 96-Hour Transit Visa Costs 50 AED.

Student Visa

Thinking Of Studying In Dubai? Universities And Educational Institutions Are Willing To Offer You A Visa And Renew It For You If It’s Clear You’re Interested In Further Pursuing Your Education.

To Get This Kind Of Student Visa, A Sponsor (Either Your Parents Or The University), Approval From GDRFA, And A Pass On Your Fitness Medical Test Are Required.

Student Visas Are Offered On A One-Year Basis, To Be Renewed Annually. For Outstanding Students, There Is Also A Five-Year Option To Promote A Long-Term Stay In The UAE For Young Talent.

Residence Visa

Dubai’s Residence Visa Option Allows People Of All Nationalities To Come And Work In Dubai And Also Child Visa Dubai New Rules Announce UAE Gov. The Competitive Landscape In The Future-Facing Emirate Allows Expatriates To Take Advantage Of The Excellent Infrastructure And Procure Lucrative Compensation. In Return, Dubai Is Able To Enjoy Access To Top Talent All Over The World.

Multiple Documents Are Required To Get This Visa But If Your Employer Is Interested In Keeping You Around For The Long Haul, They Can Easily Arrange It For You. If The Company Is Offering A Top-Tier Position, It Will Also Pay All Charges Pertaining To Documentation And Processing.

Under This Visa, It Is Also Possible To Bring Your Spouse And Children Along, As Long As You Have Proof Of Income That’s High Enough To Sustain A Household.

If This Is A Category Of Visa You’re Interested In, You Can Streamline All UAE Visa Services With Docman Today.

Business (Or Investor) Visa

Headed Under The Golden Visa System, The Business Visa Is Open To Any Investor Or Entrepreneur Who Has Provable Experience In Setting Up Businesses And Is Willing To Do The Same In Dubai.

Alongside These Requirements, The Concerned Party Needs To Pass The Requirements Of The Federal Authority For Identity, Citizenship, Customs, And Port Security. These Requirements Include A Background Check And Health Assessment.

Retirement Visa

Dubai Is Excellent For Retiring With A Variety Of Quiet And Tranquil Locations To Enjoy Your Savings In. Anyone Over The Age Of 55 Can Consider Dubai As Their Dream Location For Retirement If They Fulfill One Of The Following Conditions:

  • Invest In Property That’s Worth 2 Million AED
  • Own Over 1 Million AED In Financial Savings
  • Possess An Active Income Of At Least 20,000 AED Per Month

If They Tick Any Of The Requirements Above, They Can Obtain A Visa For 5 Years. When Their Visa Is Set To Expire, Renewal Is Possible If Eligibility Criteria Can Be Met Again.

Golden Visa

This Category Is The Most Premium Visa Offered By UAE. It Bestows The Luxury Of A Permanent Residence In Dubai And Is Given Only To Creative Talents And High-Paying Professions Such As Scientists, Investors, And Doctors.

Initially, The UAE Considered Only 6,800 Expatriates Eligible For The Dubai Golden Visa. The Combined Net Worth Of These Lucky Winners Was An Estimated 100 Billion AED.

If You’re In A High-Paying Position And Believe You’re Eligible, Residency Doesn’t Get Better Than A Golden Visa In UAE.

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